First Time in Pattaya: Where Should I Stay?

Planning a trip to Pattaya is a very exciting experience, but it can be all too easy to choose a destination that’s not the right fit for you. Without knowing a little bit about the different areas and what’s on offer in each one, you could end up in a part of the region that’s more suitable for a different type of tourist. Although it’s not a huge city, the small areas making up Pattaya are so different from each other that ending up in one that’s not what you’re hoping for could ruin your entire trip. Read on for our handy guide to Pattaya’s different areas.

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Pattaya Beach:

Pattaya beach is one of the most popular areas and has a worldwide reputation for its vibrant nightlife and a massive array of bars and clubs. However, this only applies to the southern side of the city; if you want to stay in Pattaya Beach but need a family-friendly trip, the north side of this area will be a better fit for you. The accommodation options in this area tend to follow a similar split, too – budget hostels and hotels are popular in the southern side, whilst there are more four- and five-star hotels in the north. In general, this area of Pattaya is a great choice for anybody who loves to party and enjoys a busy, bustling city setting when they travel. It’s easy to get around, there’s a wide variety of accommodation options, and plenty of shopping, attractions, and activities too.

Jomtien Beach:

If you’re looking for something a little bit more relaxed, Jomtien Beach could be the best option for you. This large town and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer, with a larger variety of attractions compared to Pattaya Beach, quirky shopping malls, and some of the greatest Pattaya restaurants you’ll find. And, thanks to its much tamer and relaxed nightlife scene, long beach, quiet roads, and fun activities, it’s a much more family-friendly option that’s perfect for anybody traveling with their children. It’s also a great choice for anybody interested in cultural attractions such as Buddha Mountain and the Floating Market.

Nakula & Wong Amat:

If relaxing on beautiful beaches and enjoying a luxury travel experience is more of your thing, head to Wong Amat, which has probably the nicest beach in the entire Pattaya region. Enjoy relaxing on soft, clean sand next to a clean, blue sea. There are plenty of great facilities for holidaymakers to enjoy, including beachside resorts, restaurants, and water sports activities. However, most of the accommodation in this area is on the pricier end of the scale and in the five-star bracket, although you can find some cheaper options away from the cost in the area of Nakula. Head north if you’re interested in seeing the traditional, off-the-beaten-path side of Pattaya, with narrow streets and old wooden shop-houses. It’s also the home of the Sanctuary of Truth, the most iconic attraction in Pattaya.

Pattaya is a great destination with something suitable for everybody in its different regions. Where would you stay?

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